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  /  Michael Lee
Michael Lee, Consultant Planner at Mesh

Michael Lee

Consultant Planner

Michael has always been driven by a passion to enrich the lives of individuals and communities through his work.

Michael joined Mesh as a graduate urban planner in mid-April 2024, following a successful internship with the organisation. He holds a degree in Urban Planning from the University of Melbourne, where he honed his deep understanding and foundational skill set in planning.

Michael’s prior experience includes an internship at a Strategy Consulting firm in Singapore. During this time, he gained valuable insights into strategic thinking, problem solving and developed exceptional office skills, which were evident during his internship at Mesh. Michael’s personal interests lie in statutory and strategic planning, yet he remains open to exploring new areas within the planning field. His dedication, coupled with his willingness to learn and adapt underscores his potential to excel as a planner.

Consultant Planner
education: Bachelor of Design (Urban Planning) at University of Melbourne