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We are highly skilled at combining knowledge from various disciplines and applying this towards developing effective and innovative solutions.

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We’re lovers of clear and logical design, honest and concise communication and solutions that can be understood, embraced and implemented. Not to mention ensuring that the correct lids are returned to their corresponding texta.

But it’s not just about buzz words and a mild obsessive compulsive disorder, we’re also very good at all that technical stuff, for example…

With particular experience in high growth area planning, Mesh is a consultancy service offering master design and planning at all levels; from framework and precinct structure through to neighbourhood and site specific plans that are fully self contained, incorporating comprehensive contextual analyses, clear and logical design responses and detailed implementation strategies and tools, such as development contribution plans, all of which are integrated in such a way that these plans are prepared and communicated to provide a complete and holistic outcome.

...and breath.

Urban Designers : Masterplanning

We start with the brief, pencils and paper. We read between the lines and sketch, old school style, bringing together ideas and potential solutions to the big and little problems. We listen and talk and draw some more, we’re not afraid to collaborate. We make iteration after iteration until we can provide the client with exactly what they need.

Mesh’s urban designers apply this approach to all levels and scales of design from developing the overarching framework and land use strategy for precinct structure plans, to resolving the detailed design nuances that come to differentiate neighbourhoods in the detailed subdivision design phase.

We are actively involved in all parts of the growth area design spectrum, driving and influencing the design of the various elements that comprise a new community. We see ourselves as the custodians of the design vision and our role is critical to ensuring the vision as a whole is realised and can be translated clearly to each component of the masterplan.

Our plans at all levels are used to guide and integrate both the strategic and detailed work undertaken by the project engineers, architects and consultants, and used as a plan based brief to inform the design of the activity centres, community facilities, open space, wetlands and the diverse streetscapes that connect a community. We see our role as providing the blueprint and ensuring all elements of the project reflect the overall vision.

Key Projects

Helensvale Community and Medium Density Precinct


Schofields Precinct

Sunbury South


Urban Planners : Strategic Planning & Implementation

Planning and preparation is paramount, and as we move from the page and into the real world, our unique, holistic approach begins to find solutions where before there were none.

We translate our designer’s final work into effective planning tools such as structure plan documents, development plans, infrastructure funding and contribution plans. We breakdown each broader problem into its smaller parts thereby simplifying complexity and allowing us a clear path through the treacherous approvals process.

From submissions to government and Council documents, planning scheme amendments, policies and clauses and urban design frameworks to precinct structure plans, and infrastructure funding & contributions plans, the integrated Mesh approach means that we colour our broader strokes with the finest of detail while all the time ensuring that every turn leads to the most positive outcome for our client.

Subdivision Permits & Statutory Process

Often the pointy end of the strategic planning and masterplanning processes, we translate our beautiful strategic plans and masterplans into the not so beautiful - but vital - planning scheme provisions. We pride ourselves on our clear and common sense approach to this difficult process that can cause unintended consequences if not completed with foresight and precise attention to the smallest detail.

Our success lies in the odd couple principal, the yin and yang, the Bert and Ernie; while our bright, young creatives design detailed subdivisions allowing for fascinating, liveable spaces, their designs are always informed by a keen understanding of the practical, commercial realities of delivering greenfield developments and a firm understanding of what is required by Council to get the vital approvals through.

By working side by side with Council and clients while constantly looking for a better and more streamlined solutions, we have become masters at planning permit applications for large scale, 2000+ lot estates right down to small scale, individual dwellings.

Key Projects

Armstrong Development
(Geelong, 2000 lots)

Aspire and Encore Estate
(Plumpton, 1500 lots)

Craigieburn Road
(Craigieburn, 250 lots) East Caledonia

Redstone Hill
(Sunbury South 1000 lots)

Longford Development Plan

Advocacy & Expert Evidence

Sure, we like to talk, we’re good at it, but what’s talk without walk? Despite every effort, panel and VCAT hearings are at times inevitable but with our experience working on both sides of the table, our advocacy service is just the walk - and talk - our clients need.

Our passion and established reputation for breaking down the most complex of planning issues and finding the simplest solution, places our clients in the strongest possible position.

Director, Chris De Silva, has an established reputation in delivery of expert evidence, strategic planning and infrastructure funding schemes while Associate Director, Leah Wittigslow, is experienced in preparation and delivery of panel submissions and expert evidence in relation to strategic plan formulation and infrastructure funding schemes.

The Mesh difference is about taking years of work and distilling it into something clear and simple, something that can be not only digested but understood by decision makers, ensuring that the right outcome is easy to see.

Key Projects

Advocacy & Expert Evidence

Armstrong Creek West PSP and DCP Advisory Committee

UGB Logical Inclusions Hearings Advisory Committee

Bendigo Residential Strategy Panel Hearing

Warrnambool North of the Merri Structure Plan

Wyndham North Panel Hearing

North Dennington Panel Hearing

Advocacy & Outcome Facilitation

Development Contribution Governance and Implementation Resolution

Stakeholder negotiation

Various Section 173 agreement reviews and resolutions

Advisory Solutions

DCPs formulation and implementation, Infrastructure Contribution Planning and Urban Design

Planning Panels Victoria
Standard Development Contributions Advisory Committee (SDAC).

Urban Design advice (Streetscape design, Town Centres and Regional Growth Planning)

Local Councils
DCP advice, Framework plan advice, DP advice, Section 173 advice and planning permit application review/advice.

Project Feasibility & Advisory / Solutions

We’ve mentioned it before, but let’s say it again, our creative problem solving and out of the square thinking puts us in the box seat to identify potential issues at the earliest stages of projects both large and small. This means that Mesh can provide reliable and extensive feasibility research that saves long term time and money and thereby adds value to any development project.

But it’s not enough to just identify the issues, Mesh is the go-to firm for the solutions that others have been unable to find, ideas that clear a path while appreciating the commercial realities of land development.

Be they large, small, simple or complex, our unique approach to planning and design problems means that we’re regularly called upon to provide expert advice to government, council and the development industry about growth area planning and design in metropolitan and regional contexts, two areas of growth planning that require distinctly different approaches.

Key Projects

Various residential concept development and supporting land budget and lot yields for clients

Colac feasibility analysis

DHA Schofields feasibility analysis (West Sydney)

North of the Merri DCP cashflow modelling (Warrnambool).

Community Consultation

Armed with whatever tools necessary, we approach community consultation as we do our design and planning, with a keen understanding of the details, a determination to achieve the best outcomes and the ability to break down complicated concepts into language that people can understand and embrace.

From old school town hall meetings, workshops and design charrettes to high-tech, web based consultation solutions with real-time feedback, we focus on interacting with the community and broadening their understanding and engagement with a project.

We truly believe that maximising the value gained from the consultation process is essential to any community engagement and that providing the highest quality tea and biscuits doesn’t hurt either. Earl Grey anyone?

Key Projects

Colac Development Plans

Wangaratta Development Plans

Dennington Development Plans

Strathfieldsaye Development Plans

Kilmore Wandong and Heathcote Growth Strategy

Maryborough North Development Plan

Infrastructure Funding Schemes

The Mesh approach to formulation of infrastructure funding schemes focuses on the issues that others miss. At Mesh, we make sure that shared contributions plans can be implemented and we employ the process of working with Councils and developers to build knowledge and expertise.

Our practical approach combined with our attention to detail is vital to ensuring plans can be practically implemented and our nuanced understanding of the available funding mechanisms and the commercial realities of land development has been recognised by all levels of Government and developers alike.

As projects of all scales transition from planning to delivery, Mesh is well equipped to provide assistance and advice regarding infrastructure obligations and we take pride in offering expertise and solutions for both metropolitan Melbourne and regional growth areas.

Key Projects

DEWLP Advice

Bendigo (Huntly and Maiden Gully) Development Contribution Plan

Golden Plains DCP Guidance Policy

Warrnambool Dennington North Development Contributions Plan

Strathfieldsaye Development Plan which included an Infrastructure Funding Plan

Armstrong Creek West Development Contributions Plan

Standard Development Contributions Advisory Committee

Planning, mapping, thinking or picnicking; we just love being outside.

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