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  /  Our Approach

We’re so outside the square, 
we’ve forgotten what it looks like.

It's how we work

With every project, we bring a fresh and open mind. We’re masters of innovation, always seeking new perspectives to tackle challenges head-on. At Mesh, there’s no room for rigid routines or cookie-cutter approaches. Instead, we dance to the beat of each project’s desires, crafting bespoke solutions that make and embrace the unique identity of each site.

And it’s that rare ability to approach each project from a new perspective and an open mind that is inherent in working as part of the mesh team on a diverse range of projects. We can’t afford to get stuck in our ways and we refuse to let our results be governed by our process, instead, we let the desired results inform how we approach each project. Join us on this vibrant journey, where creativity knows no bounds and results exceed expectation!

It’s not about the paycheck, 
though it does help. 

It's why we work

Our passion comes from a genuine care for what we do and a shared belief in the power of exceptional urban planning, design and landscape architecture. We know that our work shapes the lives of communities, so we obsess over every detail, breaking down complex challenges into manageable pieces and creating meaningful experiences.

As urban planners, designers and landscape architects, we embrace the responsibility of making a lasting impact on the lives of future communities. Our collaborative spirit drives us to bring a perfect blend of talent and dedication to every project. And when the job is done, we revel in our success. We love the sense of exhaustion knowing that, just like Cliffy Young, in our own way, we have achieved something incredible and important – for our client, the community and ourselves.