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It's not just about getting the job done, it's about how we get the job done.

There are a lot of urban planners and designers out there, but it’s our method as much as our results that really sets us apart.

The Mesh method is about taking years of work and distilling it into something clear and simple, something that can not only be digested but understood by decision makers, ensuring the right outcome is easy to see.

Service Streams

We identify our projects in 6 distinct streams, each lead by an expert in their field. Our streams allow us to ensure our best Meshies are put forward for each project’s unique deliverables.

We navigate the intricate world of development planning with a unique approach that transforms complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions.

We go beyond just crafting plans and policies; we excel in developing impactful strategic documents and policy outputs ensuring our commitment to continuous process improvement.

We listen carefully to the stories that place and people offer through a trusted process of layering, testing and responding, a vision and masterplan emerges.

We thrive on untangling infrastructure challenges and harnessing Plan Tech for innovative solutions, empowering our clients with optimal and effective outcomes.

We believe that great landscapes do more than just look good – they enhance the quality of life, make memorable communities and enrich the environment.

When words alone fail our urban design brings big ideas to life. Using a broad range of graphic methods we simplify complexity, and inspire ambitious visions.

Our Team

Executive Director

Managing Director - Urban Planner

Director - Innovation and Design

Director - Urban Planning

Director - Urban Planning

Associate Director - Urban Design

Director - Urban Planning

Director - Urban Planning

Senior Urban Designer

Senior Consultant Urban Designer / Landscape Architect

Senior Consultant Urban Planner

Love what you
see? So do we.

At Mesh we see ourselves as a creative group of people working collaboratively on a range of place-based projects.

Our strength lies in drawing from our core set of skills to develop innovative methodologies for emerging project types and to meet new client needs.

It’s not all beer and skittles in the Mesh Studio, except on Fridays.

Our work is meaningful.

We love hearing when our clients think so too.