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Service Streams

Our approach to design and planning is characterised by the expert utilisation of six fundamental streams, each catering to distinct aspects of a project, ensuring a holistic and comprehensive service for our clients. These streams serve as our pillars for delivering a wide range of design and planning solutions, expertly tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Explore how Mesh harnesses these streams to create visionary developments and drive innovative outcomes.

Community Masterplanning

We start with the brief, pencils and paper. We read between the lines and sketch, old school style, bringing together ideas and innovative solutions. We’re not afraid to collaborate–listening, talking, and sketching until we’ve crafted the perfect design. Iteration is our ally, ensuring we deliver precisely what our clients envision.

Mesh’s urban designers are the heart of our masterplanning process. They tackle projects of all scales, from shaping overarching frameworks for precinct structure plans to refining the minute details that give neighbourhoods their unique character during the subdivision design phase. As the custodians of the design vision, our role is critical in translating the overarching vision into tangible masterplans. These masterplans serve as guiding lights, ensuring seamless integration with the work of engineers, architects, and consultants, shaping activity centres, community facilities, open spaces, wetlands, and vibrant streetscapes.

In essence, Mesh provides the blueprint that transforms ideas into thriving communities, ensuring that every element of a project reflects the overarching vision. We are passionate about crafting vibrant spaces that stand as testaments to our commitment to exceptional design.

Lilydale Structure Plan

Strategic Urban Design

Urban design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about shaping communities for the better. Mesh takes urban design to new heights with our expertise in crafting innovative and impactful solutions. Our focus extends beyond the ordinary, encompassing urban design frameworks, concept plans, design-based policies, and fostering connections between people and their environment.

We craft urban design frameworks, concept plans, and innovative design-based policies that elevate the way communities interact with their surroundings. Our approach is unique – we don’t just design for communities; we design with them. Through workshops, charrettes, and real-time web-based consultations, we engage people on a personal level. We break down complex ideas into plain language, making sure everyone’s voice is heard.

Our dedication to community engagement is unwavering. We believe that every interaction matters, whether it’s in an old-school town hall meeting or over a cup of Earl Grey tea and biscuits. We’re here to maximise the value gained from the consultation process, ensuring that every project we undertake becomes a shared vision.

Strategy + Policy

Our expertise extends beyond conventional planning; we excel in creative problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking that uncovers potential challenges at the earliest project stages. For government clients seeking strategic plans, structure plans, policies, and more, we deliver strategic documents and policies that redefine urban landscapes. Our solutions are not confined to paper; we engage in capacity building for local government through training programs, service reviews, and governance advice.

Mesh isn’t just an observer of issues; we’re proactive solution finders. Our unique approach allows us to provide comprehensive feasibility research, saving time and money while enhancing the value of development projects. We’re not satisfied with merely identifying problems; we’re renowned for crafting solutions that navigate the intricate landscape of land development, all while considering commercial realities.

Our expertise is sought after by government bodies, councils, and the development industry. Whether it’s growth area planning in metropolitan or regional contexts, we bring tailored solutions to the table. Metropolitan and regional growth planning may require distinct approaches, and we’re well-versed in both, making us your trusted partner for a brighter urban future.

Infrastructure + Plan Tech

We’re not just planners; we’re visionaries who believe that well-executed infrastructure planning is the backbone of thriving communities. Our Infrastructure & Plan Tech services are designed to uncover opportunities and navigate the complexities of funding, economics, and digital technology, all with the goal of shaping sustainable urban environments.

For government and private developers alike, we delve into the intricacies of infrastructure needs, crafting funding structures, conducting economic analyses, and facilitating reviews. Our contributions extend to the development of training programs and governance structures that empower stakeholders to make informed decisions. We embrace the future, leveraging new digital technology to drive planning outcomes. Whether it’s through the preparation of Development Contributions Plans (DCPs) or Infrastructure Contributions Plans (ICPs), we remain at the forefront of innovation.

What sets Mesh apart is our practical approach. We ensure that shared contribution plans can be seamlessly implemented, fostering collaboration between Councils and developers while building knowledge and expertise. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that our plans are not just theoretical but can be practically executed. Recognised by all levels of government and developers, our nuanced understanding of funding mechanisms and commercial realities in land development positions us as trusted advisors.

Development Planning

We navigate the intricate world of development planning with a unique approach that transforms complex challenges into clear, actionable solutions. Whether it’s managing PSPs, DPs, or securing planning permits for diverse projects like greenfield estates, commercial developments, or multi-unit complexes, our seasoned team is your guide.

We believe in the power of preparation. As we transition from the drawing board to the real world, our holistic strategy unveils opportunities where none existed before. Our process involves breaking down multifaceted issues into manageable components, simplifying complexity, and paving a smooth path through the approval process.

From crafting submissions to governmental bodies and council documents to shaping planning scheme amendments, policies, urban design frameworks, precinct structure plans, and infrastructure funding & contribution plans, Mesh’s integrated approach ensures meticulous attention to detail. With every stroke of our planning brush, we create a vivid landscape that leads to the most favourable outcomes for our valued clients.

Mesh Development Planning
Mesh Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture

We believe that great landscapes do more than just look good – they enhance the quality of life. Our landscape architecture stream is all about transforming open spaces into vibrant, functional, and sustainable environments.

We’re the masterminds behind landscape masterplans for greenfield estates and the creative minds that design every nook and cranny of your favourite park. Our expertise extends to both private and public open spaces, where we meticulously craft concepts that harmonise with nature and cater to the needs of communities.

But we don’t stop at aesthetics. Mesh is equally passionate about developing strategies and policies that safeguard the longevity and vitality of these spaces. We ensure that the places we design aren’t just visually pleasing; they’re functional, sustainable, and a source of pride for communities.