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  /  Leah Wittingslow
Leah Wittingslow Mesh CV photo

Leah Wittingslow

managing director, urban planner

Meet Leah, our dynamic managing director. She is fuelled by a passion for elevating planning, design, and recognised by industry leaders for her innovative solutions and forward-thinking strategies. Seamlessly blending extensive experience with infectious enthusiasm, Leah specialises in crafting high-level strategic plans, including PSPs, Strategy Plans, Development Plans, Planning Scheme Amendments, and skilfully navigating infrastructure funding negotiations.  

With her innate ability to foresee planning and design intricacies, Leah envisions the development industry as pivotal change agents, boasting an unwavering dedication to creating vibrant, sustainable, and well-designed spaces for the future.

Alongside being member of the Casey Design Excellence panel and the UDIA Greenfields committee, Leah actively engages in training, service reviews, and capacity building initiatives with government bodies and emerging professionals. Her dedication to nurturing the next generation reflects her passion for fostering excellence and innovation across all aspects of the development industry. 

managing director, urban planner
education: Social Science (Planning)(Hons), Masters Business Administration (Executive)