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  /  Alamora


An exciting estate masterplan for the fastest growing area in Australia

Alamora’s design focuses on theming and non-standard design outcomes.

The aim is to give the community more of what they love. 


Who decided this was a good idea?

Villawood properties aimed to continue the legacy of their award-winning Alamanda estate. They sought to not only continue the success of the Alamanda model but also elevate it by crafting a design that would offer even more to the community. This aspiration gave birth to the project’s name, ‘Alamora,’ symbolising a commitment to providing ‘More of Alamanda.’

Mesh enthusiastically collaborated with Villawood to bring this visionary development to life on 123.7 hectares of land situated in the fastest growing area in Australia.


Where did all the great ideas come from?

Sometimes the best ideas emerge from seemingly blank canvas. A key part of the Mesh process is to undertake a detailed site analysis to identify key features and define place character to guide the design. Yet, as former farmland, this land held few distinctive features. A sparse scattering of trees was the only interruption on this wide expanse, making it clear that our team’s imagination would play a pivotal role. 

Fortunately, when it comes to innovative thinking, the Mesh team has an endless supply of creativity!


What did we discover that made sense of it all?

Central to the masterplan vision was distinct character precincts, each adorned with a unique theme and a signature open space. Defining these precincts was an art rendered effortless by the intersection of the boulevard connector and Hogans Road, with the local park locations as guiding beacons.

The cornerstone of our design was connectivity–encouraging activity and movement throughout the estate while also focusing on pedestrian and cycling solutions. The Boulevarde, linking the two Active Open Spaces, witnessed a departure from the norm. By consolidating open space on one side of the road reserve, we conjured a linear park that stretched the boulevard’s entire length. This green promenade, punctuated by majestic canopy trees, cycle and shared paths, and vibrant activity nodes, will beckon residents and visitors alike.

Our approach was cemented in the creation of a pivotal pedestrian loop connecting all four precincts and local parks. This arterial pathway housed a shared route that gracefully traversed diverse road and open space configurations.

As the backbone of our design, it deftly minimised driveway crossovers on local roads, followed verdant greenlinks with rear-loaded residential zones, and serenely meandered through local parks.


How did we make it come to life?

Our dedication to bringing Alamora to life unfolds, precinct by precinct. The initial stage of our journey involved meticulously master planning the entire estate. Now, we are actively engaged in the preparation of permit applications for each of these integral phases.

Central to our design approach were the innovative non-standard road cross sections and the strategic positioning of the key pedestrian loop. These design elements took centre stage, ensuring that connectivity and vitality remained core principles of our plan.

Our journey, however, was not without its challenges. These unconventional designs were uncharted territory and required us to demonstrate, with evidence, why they were the best outcome.

Nonetheless, Mesh navigated these challenges adeptly. We facilitated critical meetings with stakeholders, presenting our innovative ideas and securing their crucial support for our distinctive urban design. Our clear, persuasive communication and well-justified proposals to the Council played a pivotal role in expediting the approval of our permit applications, ensuring Alamora’s vision became a vibrant reality.


Do people use it?

Currently, the results are evident: properties with initial Stages are actively on the market, showcasing the effectiveness of our designs. But our commitment extends beyond the initial phases. The Mesh Landscape team is engaged in an ongoing collaboration with Villawood, focusing on the theming, gateways, and landscaping for the expansive Alamora Estate. This continued partnership allows us to realize our original vision on a larger scale, influencing the overall character of the development.