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Bloomdale Lot 1703


Nostra Property Group




Landscape Architecture

Service provided

Provided a Landscape Masterplan for the ‘Soul Walk’ located on a new residential development in Diggers Rest. The project aimed to create a vibrant pedestrian space for the future residents of Lot 1703, creating a link for them to reach the local AC whilst also welcoming them to linger and play in this urban green space.

What we did

Coming from the local town centre, the experience begins by connecting to the existing green link which will provide some seating opportunities and an experience of walking through the gardens. This approach will ensure adequate fencing heights for the dwellings and tall screening planting to reduce views into the lots. the green screen will be further extended to the substation to reduce its visual impact. A threshold paving is proposed across the laneway into the greenlink with some feature paving. A small grass area will have low mounding that will act as a landscape seating element and also allow for passive play opportunities. This space can be used by locals to eat their lunch, read a book, bask in the sunshine and for play. This then connects to an informal garden/ nature walk area that comprise of a series of seating taking advantage of the northern aspect of the site. The gardens will be densely planted to provided a sense of privacy within the length of the greenlink. A similar typology of landscape is proposed to the north of the greenlink as an entry treatment. The informal lawn area will house some seating and allow for multiple uses (gatherings, kick-about, etc.). The intention of the greenlink is to facilitate passive uses that won’t disturb the adjacent neighbours.

Mesh project team