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Botanic Ridge Urban Plaza


Sandhurst Retail Logistics




Landscape Architecture

Service provided

Mesh prepared a set of landscape Town Planning drawings for the urban square at Botanic Ridge.

Focal point

Explore opportunities for a short-term vision for the town square where speciality shops will be located long term. The short-term activation needed to be flexible and budget conscious.

What we did

The project connects the childcare site, gym and pool facilities directly to the town centre to the south. The design of the urban square aims to provide a civic space with the flexibility to accommodate a range of activities and uses. The north-south movement corridor is bookended by planting on both ends providing an inviting element to the space. A feature raised garden flanked by a custom seat will provide opportunities for sitting, waiting for a friend, taking a break or informal interactions. The design concept is built on a short-term and a long-term vision.

Short Term - Activate the urban square with flexible spaces and uses that will be complementary to the childcare and gym facilities. Informal and playful line marking pattern will encourage imaginative play for younger users and loose furniture elements will encourage users to sit and inhabit the space taking advantage of the northern sun aspect of the site. The temporary activation areas will promote safe meeting and gathering spaces for all ages given the uses adjacent to the square.

Long Term - Provide outdoor activation opportunities for each shop to ensure an active frontage to the urban square. The urban square landscape and furniture will provide an area for potential customers and bypassers to meet, sit, linger, socialise and interact. This space will also become a safe waiting and meeting space for both the childcare and gym facilities.