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  /  Michael Turnbull
Michael Turnbull

Michael Turnbull

Associate Planner – Team Lead

Michael is a skilled statutory and strategic planner, with an eye for detail and implementation. He has experience working with a range of public and private sector clients on a variety of projects, ranging from municipal planning scheme reviews down to the preparation of neighbourhood plans. 

When he’s not nursing regular sporting injuries (see: three broken bones across three incidents in one calendar year), Michael loves to keep up to date with all things planning policy. This allows him to provide timely and succinct advice to clients and ensure Mesh keeps up to date with the latest changes in the planning industry. The insatiable thirst for planning policy knowledge was recognised in a webinar that Michael conducted for the UDIA on all things Small Lot Housing Code. 

He is a skilled writer who has a knack for absorbing large quantities of information and synthesising it down to its most important elements in an accessible, readable format.  

It’s with these written and communication skills that Michael develops strong relationships with clients, Councils and authorities, allowing him to get the best out of each project he works on. 

Associate Planner - Team Lead
education: Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning (Honours) RMIT University