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  /  Peter Tolan
Peter Tolan

Peter Tolan

Student Landscape Architect

Peter has always had a passion to use design as a tool to genuinely improve the lives of individuals and communities.

Peter is currently studying his Bachelor of Design (Landscape Architecture) at RMIT.

He believes that people-focused design will always lead to equitable and responsible outcomes. One of his key interests through his studies and work at Mesh, is to bring a strong focus on reconciliation orientated design, as opposed to the more tokenistic approaches we see more prevalent in our society.

During his time at Mesh, Peter has shown immense growth in his urban design and landscape design technical skill set. He has a strong passion for and understanding of planting palettes which will complement this project.

Peter is a great asset to the Mesh team and provides valuable assistance on all projects. He is confident in challenging landscape design, especially when it leads to better outcomes.

Student Landscape Architect
education: Current: Bachelor of Landscape Architectural Design, RMIT University